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When will I feel Happy?

It is hard to feel joy and happiness in the face of loss. Grief can make us feel isolated, confused, apprehensive and just downright UNHAPPY.

If you are struggling with an emotional stew and feel life is out of control, we can help! Our grief support groups provide a safe haven for understanding and healing as you share with other grievers in a supportive and confidential environment. Sign up today! There is no charge. Just call 205.870.8667 to schedule an intake interview.
stevesweatt I’m Steve Sweatt, Clinical Director at CGS. As an experienced counselor and one who has also lost family members I cherished, I know how devastating the pain of grief can be. We struggle with our feelings but are reluctant to burden family and friends who are grieving in their own way.

There is something YOU can do for yourself! I encourage you to join one of our free support groups or consider grief counseling. We offer you a safe haven for healing and support as we companion you on the painful journey through loss.

Support groups have an amazing power to heal as members share together in a comfortable, supportive and confidential environment. Volunteers provide encouraging examples and rekindle hope that we can once again love life.

There is no cost. If you are tired of struggling with your grief alone, help is available. Our support groups are either in session or starting soon. All you have to do is call 205-870-8667 for an intake interview. Do it today – you’ll be glad you did!

Are you or someone you know struggling with grief?

Individual, couples and family grief counseling is available – professional and pastoral counselors are available Monday - Friday from 9am-5pm to help adults with issues related to the loss of a loved one. There is no fee. Please call 205-870-8667 for an appointment.

CGS also serves individuals referred from Alethia House, The Amelia Center, The Crisis Center, The Lovelady Center, Oasis Women's Counseling Center, Pathways, UAB's Treatment Alternatives to Safer Communities (TASC), and other local agencies, as well as from healthcare professionals, hospice and faith-based organizations.

Referrals are welcome from anyone who knows of someone in need of our help.

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