Hope for the Holidays

Lift Your Spirits

"The party was always at my house."

Just because you "always" did certain things during holidays does not mean you have to continue. Every tradition began with the first time. Your life has changed - you can choose how to celebrate (or not) during the holidays.

When your loved one died, it seemed like the "Happy" went out of your holidays. Discover there can still be...


In 2015, CGS hosted 7 of those "Hope for the Holidays" community workshops. Watch the website for dates and locations for 2016 events.

Join us in a special time for remembering your loved ones. We invite you to bring a small photo of your loved one to place on our Remembrance Table as candles are lighted in remembrance.

Join us for our annual inspirational program, Hope for the Holidays. Learn practical ways you can cope with the holidays - not just from Thanksgiving through New Year's, but for all those special days that touch our hearts.

As one participant observed, "It was wonderful, emotional, healing and funny all at the same time. I needed this!"

Hope for the Holidays is a FREE community service program of CGS.


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